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Dream Social is a social network, as well as a citizen science project, focused on dreams. Dreaming is an integral part of being a human. What our dreams mean and how to interpret them are questions not yet fully answered. Researching dreams has been one of the most daunting tasks posed to science, but you can help! All you need to do is pay attention to your dreams, be aware of them, and do not let them be forgotten. Your dream of last week may come to pass next week, so it is best to have it documented.

While at it, you can also have fun by sharing your dreams with people who were featured in your dream or with your friends, offering and receiving buddy dream interpretations from your social connections. We make dream exploration easy and fun.

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Common Dreams

Some dreams are so common that virtually everyone has experienced them and can relate. They are interesting and raise questions on why we dream about these particular subjects. Here are some of the most common dream themes you may have had and ideas about why you may have had them.

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Being Chased

The example shows how we can be pursued by fears or emotions, and can either continue to avoid them or face them. We are, in…


Woman’s dream: Desire to have a baby. Man’s dream: Envy of the creative ability of women. General: When we were born, one world of experience…


Cars/automobiles are such an enormously important and frequent part of modern life they represent all manner of things. But they particularly depict ability and opportunity….


One’s own potential, often unacknowledged, and projected onto dream character; a parent; depending on how you relate to the famous person – your own ability…

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Famous Dreams

We are more curious than cats. We all wonder what other people dream about. There are some dreams that well known for their impact on humanity in their own ways. Here is a compilation of some such dreams that may bewilder you.
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Alexander’s Dream and Invasion of Jerusalem

Alexander’s army was not messing around, if it wasn’t for these two dreams, Jerusalem would have been a blood bath.

Aunt Mary’s Farewell

“We are too gross to be capable of understanding the signification of the dream, the vision, or the sudden presage, or of divining the source…

Beatles Song Yesterday Born in a Dream

Sir Paul McCartney’s biographer, Barry Miles, shared the story from where the tune for the Beatles song, Yesterday, originated. It was 1965. McCartney was at…

Being Chased

The example shows how we can be pursued by fears or emotions, and can either continue to avoid them or face them. We are, in…