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October 3, 2013


Cars/automobiles are such an enormously important and frequent part of modern life they represent all manner of things. But they particularly depict ability and opportunity. That is, ability to move around freely, and the opportunities this allows you. Through them you have the ability to get to work that might otherwise be out of reach; to enjoy leisure times; to meet and spend time with people; to carry things that would otherwise be impossible; to live a lifestyle that without the car would be out of the question. So a car allows choices, independence and freedom that would be missing with out it.

In a wider social sense, a car or automobile is a symbol of the expensive and opportunity filled lifestyle most people in the Western world enjoy.

Cars in our dreams can illustrate the ambitions, attitudes and care, or lack of it that drive us in our life. The way in which we make our way through life of course involves us in countless relationships of various sorts. We might mutually travel with someone, collide with them in a damaging way, take a similar route, or give them a ride to help them, etc.

So the car is again a symbol of such meetings and partings. But car dreams may also relate to the business of driving our actual automobile in everyday life, and the manner in which we do so. Therefore some car dreams may warn us of attitudes we have that are dangerous, not just in relationships, but actually on the road.

The car can reveal to us our motivating drives – sex drive, ambition, sense of failure – whatever is driving us in life; means of or desire to ‘get somewhere’ in life; independence; personal freedom; personal space into which you can invite other people to share your life; privacy in which you can be yourself; feelings about the particular car in dream; your body.

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