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October 3, 2013


Sometimes depicts your financial state, bare floorboards being poverty; can be the colour or design that are important. It also indicates comfort or lack of it in life. It might indicate a cover up or a feeling of being walked on.

A carpet in a much used room can also indicate, like a swimming pool, your shared experience with another person or family, or your own collective experience, as it is on the carpet that so much takes place in your life. It is difficult to create an image that summarises the mass of time and events you share with family or loved ones – or even your own lonely existence, but a carpet does that.

Putting down a carpet indicates the creation of a softer and more homely environment.

Idioms: Sweep something under the carpet; on the carpet; roll out red carpet; rug pulled out from under ones feet.

Useful questions:
Is this a carpet I know, and if so what memories do I connect with it?
What events in the dream surround the carpet?
Am I feeling walked on and treated as of no account?

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