June 1, 2015

About Us

Dream Social is a dream exploration app that you can use on your personal computer, or your mobile device to conveniently record, analyze, and share your dreams.

Download and install our mobile app on your Apple iPhone, iPad, Android mobile phone or Android tablet PC, and start exploring your dreams.

In the Dream Social app, you can find our Dream Oracles, people who have spent significant amount of time studying dreams and may be authors of books on dream symbolism.

The Dream Oracle service allows you to seek help from a Dream Oracle to understand a perplexing dream that you may have had.

It also allows you to exchange dream interpretations with your family and friends. After all, we talk about our dreams with other people in our lives in person when we can. Dream Social allows this interaction to happen online.

Features and Benefits

  • Interactive Dream Journal
  • Notify friends when they are in your dreams
  • Share your dream journal entries with your friends
  • Symbolic analysis of your dreams
  • Train and enhance your psychic ability
  • Offer feedback on your friends’ dreams
  • Ask a Dream Oracle for help with analyzing perplexing dreams

Dream Exploration

The reason for dream exploration is to find and capitalize on the subtle and useful messages hidden in our dreams that can affect our lives in a significant way.

Typically, after major world events, people often report having had dreamt about it before it happened.

Does this mean dreams allow us to glance into the future, or does it mean that the future and present exists simultaneously? Through our dreams, can we access information about these events? In scientific and philosophical circles, this debate is ongoing; however, our ancestors have intuitively known that dreams are important.

Traditionally, dream exploration involves taking the time to write down one’s dreams, matching the content against dream dictionaries; or finding someone with authority on the subject and seeking their help to shed light on a perplexing dream. Today, it is much easier.

Now you can journal your dreams in the middle of the night, without even turning on the lights – by simply calling our Voice Journaling Hotline, or do it in the morning while on the way to work.


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