July 1, 2015

ESP Games

Extra Sensory Perception (ESP) or the psychic phenomenon now has a scientific case, and it is important for your dream exploration.

Until recently, when science found ways to test some aspects of the psychic phenomenon in the lab, with repeatable results, it was not to be taken seriously.

Today, you can take classes on intuitive leadership and effectively become a psychic.

Our modern busy lives hardly affords us enough time to go to school or work, do the daily chores and survive on less than 6 hours of sleep. We rarely stop to think about who we are, where do we come from and where do we go. We need to look inside sometimes.

Understanding ESP and employing its tactics to boost this ability in ourselves, helps improve our decision-making.

One of the most effective methods for boosting ESP ability comes from an unlikely source, an American Laser Physicist turned remote viewer, Russell Targ.

In the 1960’s, Russell Targ worked at Stanford Research Institute (SRI), where he became involved with a government sponsored remote viewing project where he developed a system that assists in boosting ESP in ordinary people.

Our ESP games are training tools based on Russell Targ’s machine.

There two variations of the ESP game that you can play in your Dream Social app. One helps you with your ability to predict a future event, and another helps you guess a past event.

In both cases, you must calm your mind, preferably with meditation. Learning to calm your mind is one of the objectives of the game. With calm mind you have better access to your psychic self.

Predict the Future

In this mode, you will be shown four square boxes with different colors. The computer waits for you to make your prediction by clicking on one of the boxes. Then the computer randomly picks one of the four boxes too. The objective is that you predict the box that the computer would choose.

If you predicted correctly, a color picture is briefly displayed, otherwise the correct answer will flash to show which box the computer picked.

Guess the Past

In this mode, those same square boxes are displayed, but by the time you see the boxes, the computer has already chosen one of the four boxes, and your job is to guess which one. Once you make your selection, the computer will show a color picture if you guessed correctly or will flash the correct box.

Your Progress

You may play the game for either 25 tries or 50 tries. Your results are saved in your profile and shown in a graph so you can monitor your performance.



  • Calm the Mind at Well
  • Learn to Recognize Hunches
  • Learn to Notice Visions
  • Improve Decision Making

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