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A rare evening with a dream oracle
January 11, 2018

Most Common Dreams (video)

Dream Oracle Rosemary Ellin Guiley speaks about some of the most commons dreams that we all have and where they may come from. Once we know what dreams are common, we can detect the uncommon ones, the ones we need to look out for.

Dream Oracle Rosemary Ellen Guiley shares some of the most common dreams. Learn how to differentiate between common and other dreams.


And there’s one other area that I just want to address before we move on to the next part of our evening and that’s about some very common dream themes because I mentioned the dreams are unique to individuals but yet they share similar meanings with large groups of people and there are certain dream themes that are very common to all people and I’m often asked what these mean and one is flying. Another is falling teeth, falling out, being naked in public, being lost, being unprepared for class, losing your car in the parking lot, driving in your car and then losing your way.

These are all very common dreams and they have common meanings to most people you’ve probably had some of these things flying well flying can be an aspect of lucid dreaming this is knowing you’re dreaming while you’re dreaming.

It can be a desire to escape from something you fly off when you’re under stress or it can be exhilaration from having you know something going really well in your life and all of these things do need to be taken into context with what else is going on.

The dream falling there’s a superstition that if you fall in a dream and you hit bottom it means you’re going to die, not true. Plenty of people hit bottom and sometimes it hurts and sometimes it doesn’t, but falling is a scary feeling in a dream, and these kinds of dreams often occur when we’re in situations where we feel like we’re losing control or we’re out of control and so we’re just in a free-fall and emotional free-fall.

Losing your teeth or your teeth being loose and you feel like they’re going to fall out these dreams often happen when we’re in situations where we feel we don’t have the power we think we ought to we feel powerless teeth and the mouth are very old symbols of power, personal power and so loss of teeth might be a situation in a relationship at work.

For example where you feel powerless to do something or do the job the way you want or you’re at the mercy of someone else.

Being late, late for the meeting, the plane, the boat, these are very common anxiety dreams and can occur just when we feel like we’re over stressed and overwhelmed, so we’re trying to stay on top of things and we feel we’re not doing a good job of it.

Being unprepared in class, sitting down in a class, taking an exam same thing another anxiety stress related dream.

Driving around in your car and getting lost or losing your car in the parking lot it’s a very interesting twist on old symbolism because the car has become a symbol for the ego and of course CEO is the modern symbol.

The ancients didn’t have cars but they had other symbols for self-centered imagery and so the car is often eager we drive around the world in and if we’re driving around getting lost maybe this is a reflection of feeling like we don’t know what direction we’re going in or maybe we’re at a crossroads in our lives where we think we need to make a choice between one way and another way.

Losing the car in the parking lot can often be a symbol of like well what am i doing now what am i doing in life or what am I doing here what am i doing in this situation so dreams will always reflect back to us some sort of helpful material that can enable us to take action to restore balance and restore equilibrium in life they are the mirror of truth that reflects to us how we think we are doing in life.

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