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July 1, 2015

Dream Genie

A must have tool for every dream explorer.

Hi, I am Dream Social’s Dream Genie.

I am computer software designed to help make your dream exploration easy, fast, and fun.

Here is how I work:

Every morning you will receive my “Good Morning” email. The email offers the following three choices:

1. “I recall my dream, journal it now”
2. “I recall my dream, remind me later”
3. “I do not recall my dream”

screen-shot Genie Check-In

Select the choice that applies to you on that day. This will open a web page where you specify the number of hours you slept, and then close it.

You do not need to launch the app or login. The email has a unique identification code to help us recognize you.

screen-shot Genie - Hours Slept

As soon as a week, your sleep and dreaming pattern will emerge, enabling you to see how you are doing, and how to improve both your sleep quality and dream recollection.

Try the app (it is free)

Genie Settings (for current dream explorers)

Did You Know?

Dream journaling is a social activity. If you had a dream about a friend or family member you can share it with them. Follow your friends on Dream Social and find out when you are in their dreams.

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