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Year Book of Dreams
January 2, 2016

Dream Yearbook

Print your dreams for the year on high-quality paper along with corresponding images which symbolizes your dream theme, bound in to a beautiful hardcover book. A great way to celebrate your life.

The Dream Social Yearbook is an app feature that allows you to edit, design, and publish your dreams in a digital and printed book.

From your subconscious to the material world, bring your dreams to life in your personalized dream yearbook. Memorialize your dream journey in print as a record highlighting and commemorating the past year of your dream state.

  • Transfer your existing dream records from paper to your Dream Social account, and then include them in your Year Book
  • Hand select your choice of dream entries
  • Add interpretations from your friends and Oracles
  • Choose from an extensive collection of backgrounds images to help set the tone and content
  • Available within the app in digital format
  • Print a beautiful, customized 8 x11 (landscape), high-end lay flat photo book containing all of your dreams on high quality photo paper with the content super imposed on a rich high density image of your choice.
  • Get started today!

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    Dream Yearbook

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    January 2, 2016


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