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October 3, 2013


Most often anxiety. We may fear the danger of allowing our sexual urges – the danger of falling in love with its possible pain – the danger of failing if we take a risk. Even ideas, such as those of future peril cause enormous anxiety. These may be depicted as impending danger in a dream. In such cases the real danger is of taking our anxieties as reality, instead of seeing them for what they are, a feeling reaction to a situation. A relative or loved one in danger: The temptation is to believe the dream is presaging a real event. Our concern for children and loved one’s, but more often our fears regarding them, create most of such dreams. A woman told me a dream in which her daughter was strangled while at university. In processing her dream the woman wept strongly as she met feelings of fear about her daughter leaving home and living independently at university. See: attack; predictive dreams.

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