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October 3, 2013

Acting, Actor, Actress

Depending on the context – acting, actor or actress can represent you wanting public acclaim, or not expressing your real self – acting a role. Just as someone’s life may be ‘acted out’ on stage or in a film, so actors may represent facets of your own life, especially inner life. So the dream may be bringing these to your awareness. The actor or actress may be dramatizing the false image we may be expressing in our public life.

The actor or actress might also depict our attempt to impress others, or how we act a part; our inflated opinion of self. In some dreams when you see yourself on the stage, or are watching a film or show, it denotes the examination or contemplating of a situation in your life that you are trying to deal with.

Idioms: Act a part; act on impulse or information; acting up; caught in the act; as the actress said to the bishop; get in on the act.

Useful questions:
What is being acted and how does that apply to my life at the moment?
Is a special life situation being explored here that is important to me?
Am I acting out an old pattern of behavior, or is something new being expressed in this dream?

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