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October 3, 2013


Anything antique, old or ancient suggests it has existed for a long time, so it carries an enormous amount of experience, an enormous imprint of your past. This often links with wisdom or treasures of information about you, perhaps revealed by intuition. Such ancient objects, houses or person might be the image holding within itself influences that are not only from your past personal life, but also from your ancestors or culture.

The dreamt of ancient or old thing may be pointing to a period of your life. It may depict an attitude or way of life you have seen portrayed in historical drama. It can point to your past and the different lives you have lived – baby, youth, lover, parent, provider, or what is established and well worn, such as tradition and wisdom of folklore.

An old or antique building or place can sometimes indicate the incredible age of what you hold within you. Not simply your mind and its unconscious depths, but also the living influence of your ancestors still active in you. Exploring such dreams of antiquity can often bring to awareness this ancient heritage.

Old building: Past way of life; former life with family or another person, influence of ancestry.
Old people: Wisdom; mother or father; past experience; traditions; old age or feelings about ageing; death.
Old things or furniture: Past or outworn ways of life or activities.

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