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October 3, 2013


Attic relates to the mind, ideas, memories and past experience, things that are out of sight or forgotten, or stored away for possible future needs.

If trapped in an attic: This suggests you re limiting yourself to a purely intellectual response to life, or are caught up in things from the past, or in isolating yourself from ordinary life.

Finding an attic: Pleasure at new ideas, discovering potential or wisdom from past experience, or you are dealing with things you previously thought were not important in your everyday life; perhaps a way of getting away from daily cares.
Threat from attic: Disturbing thoughts, or something connected with what you have hidden or forgotten.
Window or turret looking out from attic: Your sense of connection with the cosmos; wider awareness; intellectual view.

Hiding in attic: Escape or freedom from other people; retreat from everyday life.

Useful questions:
What are my feelings about the attic, and how do they connect with everyday life?
Am I finding something of value, and if so what is it?
If I am in the attic to get away from people, how can I create this feeling while awake?

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