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October 3, 2013

Naked in Public

Basically this is about feeling exposed. This may be desirable or undesirable depending upon what you feel in your dream. It can indicate a desire to be attractive and noticed or being open about what you really feel. It is also showing you either feeling people know what you are feeling or desiring, or else being open about what you feel. This often refers to sexual feelings, or feelings you usually hide.

At times it can be a sign of anxiety about not being adequate socially, or lacking ability to conform to social norm. See: Nude.

How you feel about being naked in the dream may simply show your cultural background and childhood training in regard to being undressed. In some families it is easy and natural, and in others something to be ashamed of and arousing critical remarks.

Useful questions:
Am I feeling relaxed about this or exposed and vulnerable – and does that reflect how I feel about people knowing who I am?
Is there any signs of sexual feelings here, and if so what does the dream suggest about my response?
If there is a reason for my being naked, what is it?

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