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October 3, 2013

Physician or Doctor

The physician or doctor might depict your dependence upon an authority figure for a feeling of confidence about health worries, or the way you deal with such anxieties. But in many dreams he or she is an expression of the healing process within you – or the intuitive wisdom you have concerning your needs and well being. The dream doctor might give you advice for instance.

The doctor can be a figure you look to when feeling desire for intimacy or to be looked at and touched. Occasionally the figure of the doctor presages or is a supportive agent in the process of dying. There might also be fear of illness or of being hurt/damaged by an operation or medical procedure involved in the dream.

In some dreams the doctor appears to represent intellectual curiosity or rational thought, but perhaps with an open mind, or even your own healing abilities, or the power of the spirit in your life.

Idioms: Doctor something; have an animal doctored; doctor the accounts; spin doctor.

Useful questions:
Do I suffer from worries about my health, and does this dream reflect them?
What is happening in my relationship with the physician?
Am I in a healing situation, and if so in what way?

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