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October 3, 2013

Playing cards

Playing cards – an interaction with others unless you are playing solitaire. It can depict the game of life in which you win or lose, or are an observer. If you regularly play cards, then it can suggest your skill in dealing with plans or schemes that involve other people. In other words, are you playing your cards right? So it could indicate planning, scheming, figuring out moves in a relationship, etc. It is very noticeable in playing cards that our response is often dictated by what card the other person or people put down, links with the portrayal of moves made in response to others. The card game for many people is a time of socialising, relaxing, and being in an environment other than work.

If playing for money it often involves your feelings about and present relationship with how you are dealing with money, or your financial situation at the moment. Are you gambling with a situation or relationship?

Useful questions:
What is the underlying situation in my dream – is it about socialising, gambling or expression of skill?
How am I feeling about the ‘game of life’?
Have I been deal a good or difficult hand at the moment in my life?

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