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October 3, 2013


General: Difficulty or tricky situation in life; a situation you might ‘fall into’; a place to hide or feel protected in – therefore womb like feelings; an escape route; a way of ‘seeing through’ something; the vagina; death. Going in hole: Meeting feelings, urges or fears we usually keep unconscious; confronting aspects of self buried beneath our surface awareness; memories of womb existence; death – burial. Holes in clothes, objects: Faults; weaknesses; illness; ‘full of holes’. Holes in body: Sense of weakness; emptiness in ones life such as loneliness; illness; negative feelings about that part of self; see Body for appropriate part. Hole in head: Letting everyone knew what you think; gossiping. Hole in road: Often represents death or death of person falling down the hole. Occasionally: Used as word play meaning whole. See: Third example in dark; first example in son under family; tunnel; hole in hand dream in Introduction.

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