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October 29, 2016


General: Uniting two different aspects of dreamer such as intellect and feelings, practical and intuitive self; the ‘marriage’ between conscious and unconscious self – any children of the marriage would be flowering of new abilities or qualities; sometimes is about what our energy or drive is uniting us with – such as a new business venture or creative scheme – any children of this marriage suggest our intuitive assessment of the likely outcome. Also: In some cultures dreaming of a wedding signifies a death in the family. Dreaming of wedding if single: As in the example below, Mary could equally as well have dreamt she was the bride, but being in her thirties and unmarried it is easier for her to consider or experiment with the idea of marriage using the image of her friend. Should she marry whoever offers? When single one often dreams of marriage as a way of clarifying – what it would be like; could one succeed in it; is the present partner okay; how shall one achieve it? Wedding dress: Feelings and hopes about relationship and wedding; in a negative dream it represents anxieties about ones relationship or the future. Wedding dress given by mother: Qualities and strengths absorbed from mother in regard to relationship; letting go of external mother by expressing her qualities in the present.

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