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December 20, 2017

Precognitive Dreams (video)

What are precognitive dreams and how to differentiate between them and non-precognitive dreams? Watch as Dream Oracle Rosemary Ellen Guiley explains the subtle differences.

Precognitive Dreams

What are precognitive dreams and how to differentiate between them and non-precognitive dreams? Watch as Dream Oracle Rosemary Ellen Guiley explains the subtle differences.


Many people have precognitive dreams and events in the future and quite often they are of a disastrous or catastrophic nature it seems that the terrible events have a way of reaching us through our dreams with a forewarning.

In 2001 when terrorist flew planes into the World Trade Center thousands of people all over the world came forward with precognitive dreams that had elements I’m just not disaster it seemed that seeing that nobody really had the entire scenario a certain date at a certain time terrorists would fly planes in the World Trade Center.  People had very remarkable dreams, quite disturbed of all buildings falling to the ground, planes crashing into buildings, billows of smoke and people running in panic, and fear, disasters in in a big city and of course when they witnessed the disaster on television then they recognized scenes from their own dreams.

Some people however have precognitive dreams that help them out and nervous also have to do with disaster scenarios where they have some imagery in a dream or even just a feeling from a dream that causes them to change their actions, that they actually avoid a disaster taking place, They may I have I just a premonition that something bad is going to happen. for example when the Titanic sank in the early 20th century after striking an iceberg, there were thousands of people affected by that catastrophe.

Interestingly after the fact it came to light that there were individuals who had dreams of the voyage that they were taking on that ship and it was so very well advertise this was supposed to be the toughest ocean-liner ever made, this was the maiden voyage, and people who have paid a lot of money for tickets had dreams that caused them to pass on the trip and some of the dreams had to do with just bad feelings that something was dreadful was going to happen on the journey they had dreams that I have ship sinking and so they decide to stay home and as a result their lives were saved.

Some people were saved by very odd premonition’s, like being late for the ship and they overslept and so they didn’t make it to the launch and later they discovered that had they been on time, they would have been onboard, and possibiliy might have vanished in that disaster.

So our dreams of the future can go and work both ways they can alert us to things that are coming on the times-cape, things which we might have no control over changing the course of those events, but on a personal level they can also help us make decisions to avoid major disasters.

This works on a much more personal level as well.  A precognitive dream does not have to be about a big disaster. It could just be about that could cause you a problem in the next day or so, or an obstacle, or perhaps help you avoid an accident, or an unpleasant situation.

Dreams will always sweep the time linear landscape to give us a heads up for what’s on the horizon, and if we pay attention to our dreams then we understand the difference in our dreaming because precognitive dreams are always different from ordinary dreams they have a different energy different symbolism people realize that they are distinctly different from ordinary dreams.

For example if you had a dream of a ship sinking it does not automatically mean a ship is going to sink, it could be symbolic of your own ship sinking, something that you’ve been involved in is going down but when a precognitive dream happens there are remarkable symbols for all people distinct to the dreamer very individual that mark that dream as different.

So if you pay attention to your dreams your journal them, journal them, you understand how your dream speak to you then when the precognitive dreams comes along to tip you off about something that’s going to happen in your life and you’re better prepared and  you really pay attention and you act on the guidance of the dream.


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