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October 3, 2013


General: Confidence in dealing with the sort of impacts, anxieties or emotions which cause some people to ‘go under’, either in relationships, running a family or business; being able to meet the many influences, urges and thoughts in which we exist; expressive motivation; trusting oneself, life, and our sexuality; there is an element of personal survival in swimming. A parent dreaming about its child swimming might very well be considering whether they will ‘sink or swim’ in their dealings with life. Swimming against the current or tide: Meeting opposition, either from within or others; moving against general opinions; feeling difficulties. Swimming underwater: Taking awareness into what was unconscious; looking within; seeing what goes on under the surface in relationships, the body, etc. If easy it suggests ease meeting the varied aspects of ones being. Swimming with other people: Sharing common feelings goals, etc.; connections with others. Diving in: Taking the plunge in a new activity, relationship or way of life. Hanging about not getting in: Hesitation about a change or something new in life. Idioms: In the swim; swim against the tide; sink or swim. See: diving; pool.

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