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October 3, 2013


Ageing; feeling obsolete; lack of thought. Brushing hair: Clarifying attitudes or thoughts. Changing hair style: Changing attitudes; a change of mind. Chest hair: Masculinity, virility. Cutting right off: Less thinking; denial of sensual and physical drives, as monk. Dark hair: Unconscious area of thoughts and attitudes; ‘dark’ thoughts or attitudes. Dishevelled hair Mental confusion. Fair hair: Awareness; ‘light headed’. Genital or armpit: Sexuality. Hair on chest of female, even child: The male side of the woman; might be parents desire for a boy generated male characteristics. Head hair: May be expression of female sexuality, as Paul’s suggestion women should cover hair in church. Long matted: Not caring about social image or self; drop out. Long: Freedom; permissiveness; girlhood with woman. Man’s dreams – Beard: Might represent uncertainty, so hiding behind the beard; male sexuality; virility. Cutting off beard: Making a change; feeling more certain about ones manhood; or uncertainty about manhood. Plaited or pony tail: Girlhood; socialised thoughts and feelings. Tight style: Discipline; self restraint. Very long beard: Sense of eternal. White beard: Wisdom or experience. Wig: False attitudes or thoughts; an assumed social front. Woman’s dreams – Armpit or leg hair: Social expression of sexuality or physicality. Idioms: Keep your hair on; hair raising; have us by the short hairs; let one’s hair down; make you hair curl/stand on end; didn’t turn a hair; put hairs on your chest; tear one’s hair out; split hairs. See: shampoo.

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