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October 3, 2013


It is something we all have in common, and all depend upon for our life. It therefore represents the process of universal life in us. It may be shown as red wine, the drinking of which, in some dreams, is realised to be wine and blood at the same moment. This wine/blood depicts the life and pain, the genius and despair of all that has lived. In the form of Christ’s blood it depicts all human experience, which we can share in and meet death and rebirth through, by allowing personal awareness to be open to the collective. In other words it flows into our life through some measure of acceptance of ourselves as an integral part of life and human society. It touches us when we accept or love our fellows in a non judgmental way and are ready to live our life as part of the whole. This leads to our old sense of self as a separate being dying. Born from this death is greater certainty of life within the whole.

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