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October 3, 2013


Your dream bed can indicates rest, sexual pleasure, or your intimate relationships. Therefore the dream bed might suggest that you are asleep or unconscious to something happening. If someone is in bed with you, then it is certainly about the way you feel or respond to that person, or to relationships in general

In bed you can also escape from the world into sleep. So try to define what feelings or attitudes are involved with the bed in your dream and ask yourself where those attitudes apply in your waking life.

If the bed in any way indicates sickness, this probably has nothing to do with physical illness, but with negative and destructive attitudes or feelings.

The bed also obviously relates to sexual pleasure; rest; the holy place in which we meet oneself and or another person deeply and passionately. But it can also suggest desire to get away from the world, to withdraw into oneself, to be passive.

Idioms: Bed of nails; bed of roses; go to bed with; make one’s bed and lie on it; test bed.

Useful questions:
As a metaphor, what does any dream sickness indicate about me?
Have I made my bed, and am now lying on it?
What am I doing with, or how relating to the bed, and what does this suggest to me?

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