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October 3, 2013


Yourself, or the denied part of you, meeting whatever is met in the dream. This may include rivalry, anger, feelings of persecution, love and admiration, authority, or an outgoing ability to deal with the world.

If you don’t have a brother, it most likely depicts an aspect of your personality illustrated by the dream character, or your male characteristics. See: People.

In woman’s dream – younger brother: Outgoing but vulnerable self; rivalry. Define how you see him and ask what this mirrors in you.
Older brother: Authority; your capable outgoing self; feelings of persecution. What are his qualities and how do they relate to you?
In man’s dream – if younger brother: Vulnerable feelings; oneself at that age. See: Boy; Man.

Idioms: Big brother; brothers in arms; blood brother.

Useful questions:
What are the characteristics of this brother and what do they and thee dream action mirror of myself?
What is this brother doing, and does that remind me of any events from the past or present?
Is there love or enmity here, and does that reflect feelings I have?

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