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October 3, 2013


Feelings of security or insecurity; your defensive attitudes; the way you defend yourself against ‘attack’. I can also indicate past attitudes which may have been necessary in childhood to defend yourself while strengthening your identity – or your way of defending against remembering or experiencing childhood pain. See: Defence.

The castle often contains something special such as the Sleeping Beauty; the Devil, the enemy or even Christ. So this indicates a double action. It represents both the things we try to avoid or are frightened of, but also the best in us. Sometimes there are important things from your past in the castle or buried in the ground.

But there are also fairy tale castles and castles in the air, and they represent your wishes and fantasy dreams.

Useful questions:
What am I defending in myself, or defensive about?
Is there something I am seeking in the castle, if so what is it?
Does this express a desire for a secure and rich life?

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