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October 3, 2013


Most frequently dreamt of part of body. General: Self expression; grasp – of life, of ideas, of opportunities; our hold on – people; our children; situations. Extension of our power – to give, take, wound, heal, support or do. Fingers: Manipulation; penis; dexterity. Handshake: Contacting an aspect of self; friendship. Fist: Anger; restrained anger. Dirty hands: Dirty work; unclean activity. Rough hands: Marks left by difficult experience; roughness in handling others. Claw-like hands: Clawing, wounding ability. Idioms: Second hand; in the hands of; bite the hand that feeds; hands are tied; soil one’s hands; hand to hand; hand to mouth; hands off; hard hand; helping hand; open-handed; lend a hand; upper hand; burnt fingers; at one’s fingertips; snap one’s fingers; green fingers; have a finger in; itchy fingers; sticky fingers; fingers crossed; lay a finger on; point the finger at; get one’s finger out; fingers to bone. See also: Example in Sweets under Food.

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