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October 3, 2013


Many experiments have been done using hypnosis in connection with dreams. In the early part of this century Carl Schroetter hypnotised Miss E. a pharmacist in an attempt to test Freud’s theory of symbol formation. He suggested Miss E. would dream of having homosexual intercourse with a female friend, L. The dream she subsequently reported was: “I sit in a small dirty cafe holding a tremendous French newspaper…..A woman with a strong Yiddish accent – L. is Jewish – asks me twice, ‘Don’t you need anything?’ I don’t answer… she comes a third time… I recognise her as my acquaintance. She holds a threadbare suitcase with a sticker on it that reads: ‘For ladies only!’ I leave the cafe with her….she hangs onto me which I find unpleasant but suffer it…Before her house she pulls out an enormous bunch of keys and gives one to me. ‘I trust only you with it; it is the key to this case. You might like to use it. Just watch that my husband doesn’t get hold of it”

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