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October 3, 2013


Like most emotions, love in a dream is usually a direct expression of that feeling, or a compensation for not receiving it. So one question to ask is whether we are trying to compensate for a lack in our life. Apart from that it may be helpful to see in what way the love is being expressed in the dream. The following stages of love may help in defining this. Baby love: Completely dependent upon the loved person for ones needs, physical, emotional and social. Great anger, jealousy or pain if the loved one relates to anyone else. Wants to be always with the loved one. Will have sex, but the emotional bond and cuddling is more important. Adolescent love: Initial uncertainty or clumsiness concerning emotional and sexual contact. Desire to explore many relations. Still finding out what ones boundaries are. Great sexual drive. Partner will probably be loved for dreamer’s own needs – for example the dreamer wants a family and loves the partner to gain that end; the dreamer loves the partner because in that way they can get away from parental home. Great romantic feelings and spontaneous love which are difficult to maintain in face of difficulties. Adult love: Growing sense of recognising needs of partner yet not denying ones own. Ability to be something for the partner’s sake without losing ones own independence or will. Becoming aware of the issues which colour or influence relationship, and meeting them as partners. Independence and closeness together. Caring sexual partners through discovering each others needs and vulnerability.

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