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October 3, 2013


Love; romance; intuitions arising from the unconscious; ones inner world of fantasy, imagination, the psychic or ones inner soul life; menstrual cycle and the female mysteries. Because of its connection with the tides – the deep inner movements caused by the subtle side of our nature, the tides of feeling, even madness; the pull and attraction of mysterious dark desires; a woman’s strange, sensual, overpowering attraction. New or old moon: Female sexuality; change; intuition. Moons changes: Life, death, rebirth; the tides in our affairs. Full moon: Power of the inner drives. Flying to the moon: Trying to escape reality or responsibility; attempting to break free of limitations. Moonlight: Romantic view of the world; not seeing things too clearly; looking within self. Two moons: Decisions or indecision about something, possible relationship; conflicting sides of yourself; choices or changes occurring.

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