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October 29, 2016


Aggression; ability to ‘chew things over’; our ‘bite’ on life; words we say or swallow.

Bad tooth: A painful or rotten part of one’s feelings, life or relationships; angry or regretful words.

A woman swallowing teeth: The throat and eustachian tubes are like uterus and fallopian tubes, so can depict conception or fear of it.

False teeth: Lies told; false face; not keeping spoken promises; the ageing process and loss of good looks.

Teeth falling out: Often a sense of loss, such as death of family member or loved one; the ageing process as it relates to maturity, so worries about getting older and one’s changing image. This is because we lose first teeth as we leave childhood behind, and lose teeth as we leave youthfulness behind.

Spitting out lots of teeth: Something you want to ‘spit out’ in the sense of admitting, saying, or expressing emotionally.

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