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October 3, 2013


This suggests you are making great changes in life, moving from one set of values or way of life to another. You are probably meeting some sort of barrier or hesitation. It suggests a point in your growth where you may have to prove yourself or make changes. The change might involve experiencing different territory, a different way or life or relationship – and thus a new experience of life. Hesitations and uncertainties may prevent you making the crossing.

Borders also relate to decisions or moral questions of whether a particular direction you are taking is expressive of your true purposes or identity, or if it will harm others. Frontiers are an everyday part of our life in other ways too, such as the border between sleeping and waking; between what we feel is right and wrong; between advancing and pulling back; between limited awareness and expanded awareness.

A frontier town can mean that you are experiencing your much more basic, natural but perhaps challenging self. This reflects more ‘homespun’ beautiful, uncomplicated, innocent feelings about life and love. These attitudes offer enormous space and opportunity as the many restrictions of social and political life fall away.

Useful questions:
What new area of experience am I trying to move into?
Are there hesitations, self examination or questions of identity to face here?
What new opportunities or experience offer themselves here?

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