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October 3, 2013


This is about being a part of the human race. The imagery of the marathon is wonderful in depicting this. In it you see all manner of human expression. Some participate out of competition. They want to struggle to achieve, to break barriers. Others are there almost crawling on hands and knees. They stay the course despite their condition. ┬áDetermination, anger, fury, show on their faces. Some are participating for the sheer fun of it, in funny costumes, seeing the comedy of life. Others are putting in this enormous human effort for others – to collect funds for charity. Still others just love being with the crowd, meeting, mating, communicating. Apart from the various ways of participating by running, the onlookers are also a vital part of it; as are the recorders, the police, the helpers by the wayside, the officials who organise behind the scenes. The race is all of these in its totality. This is life.

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