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July 25, 2015

Dream Interpretation

Dream interpretation is the practice of attaching meaning to our dreams and then connecting those meanings to our waking lives.

Almost every one dreams, and the dreaming phenomenon has been around as long as sleep.  People have always wondered what their dreams mean.

Philosophers and scientist have been trying to explain this strange phenomenon, and it is still work in progress, however, we have accumulated a respectable amount of information on dreams.  Use it to your advantage.

Dream interpretation is the practice of attaching meaning to our dreams and then connecting those meanings to our waking lives.

Traditionally, dreams are associated with messages from the divine and those messages are considered not only the property of the person who had the dream, but rather that of the entire community in which the dreaming individual is a member or associated with.

Kings, conquerors and religious leaders used their dreams for guidance, and decision making, specially during times of war and other high stake situations.

Dream interpretation has also been a key socializing and bonding factor between humans throughout the history.

Some Native American tribes even engaged in communal dream interpretations every morning and used their dreams to forecasts events requiring preparations in order to survive, such as droughts, flooding and other disasters.

The first and far most rule in dream interpretation among various cultures is to never offer others a negative interpretation to a dream, regardless of how horrible it may sound, because people believe doing so may bring about the interpretation to materialize at worst and leave the dreamer distressed at best.

Not all dreams require interpretation or rigorous examination, but some are rather perplexing.  When a dream is not related to your activities of the prior day, week or near past, and is memorable enough, it begs for an analysis.

In Dream Psychology, Sigmund Freud writes about  a young girl’s dream.  Her name is Mary.  Her parents reported that Mary wanted strawberries at dinner, but was denied – had a dream about strawberries that night.  This dream is self-explanatory.  Her experience of the day caused her to dream of strawberries.

On the contrary, an American remote viewer who worked for the CIA, had traveled to Detroit,  and was scheduled to fly home, but the night before he had a dream of being inside an airplane that was on fire. This dream may demand some attention.  Was it the first time he had this dream?  Could it be that he was nervous about the flight, hence the dream?  Was it a precognitive dream warning him about his flight the next day?  Does this dream belong only to the dreamer or to other people too?  He certainly was not nervous about flying because as an agent, he had flown hundreds of times before.

The dream turned out to be a precognitive one as the airplane he was supposed to be on, Northwest flight 255 crashed killing 147 passengers, 6 crew, and 2 motorists on the ground.  The sole-survivor was a 4 years old girl.  For the remote viewer, interpretation of the dream was so clear that he acted on it.  The remote viewer survived the 2nd deadliest air disaster in the United States on August 16, 1987 because he trusted his dream and decided to skip the flight.

As you see, the dream had implications for not just the remote viewer, but to all those who lost their lives.


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