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October 3, 2013

Interpretation of dreams

Although mind and body may be a total unity, and the separation in language merely a convenience, despite its unity our being has a number of interacting systems within the unity. The action of the heart on the other systems is obvious, and the influence of emotions on the organs is also becoming obvious. What is not so well established is the importance of the feedback occurring when we gain insight into our own functioning through understanding a dream. Although our being is already a self regulating system, the ability to turn consciousness inwards to make clear aspects of unconscious function, appears to increase the efficiency of self regulation. This is shown in the first example in lizards and snakes where David’s long standing neck pain goes through insight into its cause. In this way we might be seen as a conscious organism which not only reprograms mental patterns or habits, but to some extent can renovate or change body efficiency as well. See: dream analysis; Introduction; dream processing.

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