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October 3, 2013


This may be represented in a dream by such things as using a pump, beating a drum, or any rhythmic movement. If there is a tendency to repress the sexual need, it may happen that one masturbates during sleep, in an attempt to release sexual pressure. Because the person has consciously decided not to allow sexuality, this might give rise to a feeling of being possessed by another will. In fact our unconscious will to express our needs has overridden the conscious decision during sleep. Out of such a split in the person, ideas about devils and possession probably arose. Although Christianity at a fundamental level appears to be teaching the love and acceptance of all sides of human nature – therefore integration through love thy neighbour as thyself, so love self – in practice it becomes tight morality which creates devils through rejection and splits in human nature. In many white Christians, there are enormous conflicts between sexuality, love, work and spirituality.

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