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May 30, 2013

Tony Crisp

Meet Tony Crisp, our Dream Oracle.

Tony Crisp

Tony Crisp was truly a miracle baby. Born in Buckinghamshire, England on May 10 1937, little Tony’s arrival was more than two months early. He was declared “still born” at delivery by the treating physician who saw no signs of breathing in a hopelessly small and weak newborn. Tony’s grandmother, also present, sensed a waning life force and intuitively bathed the newborn in cold water to shock the small body into a vibrant existence.

Against all the odds, Tony Crisp lives on to give the world many valuable books such as the Dream Dictionary: An A to Z Guide to Understanding Your Unconscious Mind, and many more. Tony Crisp is a subject matter expert on dream interpretation, lucid dreaming, and life and human experiences.

Tony as a young boy was smaller than his peers, which motivated him at an early age to strengthen his body and manipulate in extraordinary ways. Although legally too young to hold membership, he joined his local YMCA gym by overstating his age in the application forms. He went on to become physically strong and confident. He trained his body and mind to excel in flexibility (much like yoga), that he became a contortionist.

In 1962, Tony’s interests in dreams peaked after reading Dr. Leslie Weatherhead’s book on the subject. He accelerated his studies by immersing himself in the writings of P.W. Martin’s peer group work outlined in the book, Experiment in Depth. Tony had come across the work of Edgar Cayce and worked for while as a UK book distributor. Tony had already studied Jung and Freud, but Cayce, Weatherhead, and Martin presented the subject as accessible and useful to the general public.

Tony later worked as dream correspondent for The Daily Mail, She Magazine, and was a dream interpreter for London Broadcasting Co. He was also writing about dreams for magazines such as Over 21 – Cosmopolitan – Natural Health, etc.

He further pushed in to the realm of knowledge through his education in Eastern philosophy, yoga, psychology, spiritual philosophy, and dream exploration.

Tony’s thirst for knowledge and hunger for do-it-yourself experiments with dreams, lucid dreams and dreamless sleep, yielded him an extraordinary out-of-body experience that gave him a new understanding and perspective on what human beings are capable of achieving with their mind and subconscious.


Dream Dictionary : An A to Z Guide to Understanding Your Unconscious Mind

The dream bible for every nightstand. In this book Tony Crisp demystifies dream symbols so ordinary people can make sense of their bizarre and puzzling dreams.

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