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October 3, 2013


Rape can mean you are overcome by events, by other people dominating your, or by your own internal unwanted emotions. But obviously they all connect in some way with feeling violated or abused.

Rape in dreams is very different from rape in real life, as we create our own dream, so why introduce rape? Perhaps in the example below Mrs. B. discovers her own power in the situation as she realises the weakness of the male. It shows her exploring a way to change feelings about sexual relationship – i.e. shifting from feelings of violation or abuse to feelings of human sympathy and love.

Example: ‘I tried to turn but my legs were like lead. The man caught me and I fought. He tried to rape me but couldn’t do it. As I talked to him I began to feel sorry for him and not frightened. I realised that inside he was a nice person. In the end I found I liked him so much I began to kiss him myself.’ Mrs. J.B.

Example: ‘A man is trying to make love and at the last moment I repel him as I know it will cause a pregnancy. When I was about ten I was raped and for many years had a fear of men.’ Anon.

This is the other side of rape. Rape in this dream may be memories, the effects of that are still visible in the life of this dreamer, causing her pain in warm sexuality.

There is a strange contradiction in dreams of rape, it is that it shows tow human beings connecting, a rare and wonderful thing. The problem is the connecting with violence or without care and love. If this is not about memories it is worth wondering why you are creating this dream.

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