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October 3, 2013


Looking through dreams in which the words Up, Upwards, Upper or Upstairs are used, again and again one sees the same feeling as expressed in the example below – getting away from being ‘pulled down’ by difficult feelings, by depression, by everyday duties, by difficulties in relationships, and so on. It expresses the technique we use when worried, such as reading a book, being entertained, having a drink – anything to take our attention away from the difficult feelings. This does not remove the anxieties. It would be longer lasting if we faced them and transformed them. Also: Moving upwards of course also depicts positive change; shifting toward mental activity; gaining a wider view of things; promotion. Idioms: One up on; on the up and up; up a gum tree; up and down; ups and downs; up the pole; up the wall; up the spout; up to the hilt.

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