Dream to Success
December 24, 2013

Your Top 5 Goals

When thinking about dreams, keep your top 5 goals in life in mind and evaluate the content of your dreams against them.

You do this because your mind in the waking hours is constantly engaged with those top goals and which often cross over in to our dreams.

I recall when I was in my late teens, I took computer classes and I liked them so much that I started to have dreams of working on WordStar and dBASEIII (DOS app).

Those dreams were not prophetic but were tell tail sign of how much I was interested in computers. At the time I did not pay much attention to those dreams, but they were certainly prophetic in a way that I would end up making a very nice living from my work with computers.

If you have a similar experience, know that you are on to something big and keep it up, or even increase doing what you are doing as it will pay off, certainly in the long run.

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