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December 21, 2017

Why do we have the dreams we dream? (video)

Watch Rosemary Ellen Guiley explain why we have those dreams that we do.

Many people wonder why they dream the dreams they have.

Strange symbols strange activities, what do they all mean? Dreams seem very bizarre they don’t have a beginning, middle and an end.

They’re often filled with odd activity, odd people and odd symbols, well they all have meaning and they all have very specific meaning.

First of all we’re going to dream within the context of our personal life, so for example let’s say that you’re a teacher a lot of your dreams are going to involve teaching situations and classroom situations, even though those sorts of dreams could be common to people in general.

If you’re a doctor a lot of your dreams are going to involve medical themes, if you travel a lot your dreams will involve travel, hotels, conferences, things like that so our symbols relate to our personal sphere of life, but then there’s another level of the dream and we might have a symbol in a dream that just is very foreign to us.

It’s not anything we do on a daily basis but there it is in our dream and what meaning does it have well it does have symbolic content and actually we do pull from the collective.

Carl Jung talked about the collective unconscious the great repository of all human experiences thoughts feelings emotions and actions.

That this resides in a big pool of information and energy and symbols that individuals can access and we access that pool through a lot of our dreaming so the experiences of many people go into this pool and we might pull from that in our own individual dreams especially for something of unusual significance to us so you must give attention to all of the symbols in your dreams.

Even small ones can have a great deal of significance and to find out the meaning of symbols it’s a good idea to consult dream dictionaries.

They’re very useful and very helpful for giving you ideas, they don’t really define an entire dream but they certainly give you a lot of good starting points. You can access dream dictionaries online for example at Dream Social and find out ways to apply those meanings to your own dreams.


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