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October 3, 2013


This is about connecting with, or giving your innermost feelings to, a person or objects for which you have no committed relationship, or do not have a deep affinity with. Or it may be an urge caused by physical or emotional hungers, or needs deeper than the social and religious codes pressing on you. It is also a way of opening a door to new influences, a new direction in life that will in some way change you, flow back to you with its own needs, light and shadow.

If it is felt as pleasant it can be a simple desire for sexual change, satisfaction and adventure that is not satisfied in waking life. If it is resisted, because it is a dream, it is nevertheless your own fantasy, so may be desire masked by guilt.

Dream adultery can also be a means of personal attack within a relationship. This is because you are having sex with someone else, so hitting or hurting your partner. But if the adultery is felt as a threat, it may express anxieties about your relationship.

At a deeper level, adultery shows you being unfaithful to what you have given your love, promise and energy to – unfaithful to your deepest self or passions.

Useful questions:
Am I somehow cheapening a valuable experience in life?
Do I long for something that is physically or emotionally forbidden to me?
Am I not admitting the needs I have?
Does this show an area of my life that is full of energy that I do not let flow into my everyday life?

A woman being someone’s mistress: This depends upon the feelings dream experienced in the dream. Is it a fulfilling and satisfying experience, something producing conflict and hurt? Define what you feel in the dream. Sometimes it reflects anxiety about security. This is because becoming a mistress might bring financial or emotional support.

Seeing your partner having sex with someone else: You might be deeply uncertain about your own value and be doubting whether you are loveable. These feelings may hide painful dependence upon the loved person. This dependence may be based upon childhood needs that were never met, or were betrayed.

It can also reflect anxiety or intuition about your partner’s fidelity. Or it can mask a desire to be rid of your partner, to leave them. The adultery would give you an excuse to break with them.

Dreamer committing adultery: We all have sexual desires that sometimes attach to people other than our partner – or to people it would be difficult in reality to have a sexual relationship with. If you are having sex with another person, the dream may therefore be a release of sexual feelings. If so it is a harmless way of exploring sex with that person, or an expression of wish fulfillment, desire for sexual variety, or guilt about wayward desires. Which one is the way you feel?

Resisted adultery: This is probably a sign of struggle with your sexual desires, but it could also show your expression of strength meeting opposition in life, therefore strength to overcome difficulties.

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October 3, 2013